Fence Post Chapel

This a true trash-to-treasure project! Check out the tutorial on how I made this chapel from an old fencepost.

Chip Clip Snowman

Check out the tutorial on how to make this fun snowman from a chip clip.

Paper Doily Bird

I thought I would post a simple tutorial for this wonderful doily bird. Great for weddings!

Fall Handmade Card

I'm quite sure that when my mom taught me how to sew a few decades ago, she never imagined I would someday use the ability to stitch greeting cards. See a tutorial on how to make this autumn-themed card.

Candy Earrings

These earrings look good enough to eat! Check out the tutorial on how to make a set for yourself.

Shabby Make-overs

If you like trash-to-treasure projects...

... like a nasty desk lamp before....

... and after...

... then you'll want to check out some more shabby make-overs, too.

Beaded Zipper Pull

Make this simple beaded zipper pull (or key fob) in whatever color suits you. Great for gifts when done in school colors!

Festive Flip-flops

Aren't these festive flip-flips just adorable??! You can make some yourself in just a few minutes.

Paper Pumpkin

Just a little paper and glue is all you need to make these simple paper pumpkins.

Vintage Techniques

Check out Cathy of California for a unique collection of vintage .... things.

Do you really want to know?

Does the nutritional value of your lunch make the grade?

Extraordinary lunch

Everyone has to eat. It's just a matter of what, where, when and how.

"NOW is a good time."

Procrastinators anonymous.

Digital scrapbooking

If you're into digital scrapbooking, this site offers some very nice sets for a reasonable price.

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