This Week's Top 10 #22

This week's top 10 ...

Cardstock Christmas Tree
@ Polished to Perfection

Peppermint Pebbles Christmas Tree
@ Polished to Perfection

Fan Fold Leaves

Felt Bird Ornament
@ A Feathered Nest

No-Sew Fabric Neck Scarf
@ The Project Corner

Fabric-Covered Magazine Storage
@ Making Lemonade

Paper Leaf Wreath

Star Snowman and Santa

Embossing How-to
@ Craft Ideas

Felted Flower Wreath
@ Creative Passage

This week's featured party link ...

Painted Wooden Pilgrims
@ She Wears Flowers

And new at Childmade Tutorials...

Sock Snowman

Wired Felt Mittens

Magnetic Sheep Clip

Snowman Family Diorama

Wired Felt Snowman

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